It is what it is, not just about two sleeves and a collar.

It. The third person of the personal pronoun which can refer to a person, a place, a thing, an idea.
Is. The verb ‘to be’ , portrays the existence, the identity of something.
A shirt. A garment which covers the upper part of the human body. It can be made of a light (or not) fabric, it might have a collar, buttons and sleeves.

It’s a shirt. An interdisciplinary project/brand based in Athens. It manifests the values of slow fashion, natural colours, textures, artisanship, collaborations, humour, simplicity, openness, timelessness, gender neutrality. It desires to attract human beings who are concerned about the history behind a garment, yet also the values that engages. Each and every piece is produced in Athens of Greece under entirely sustainable conditions.

The name of each series indicates a stimulus caused by something significant or minor, formed or unformed, common or bizarre. The latest collection is named ‘Gatherings’ and it’s a series of garments consisting of a symbiotic relationship of extra fine fabrics with raw and soft textures collected one by one in unisex forms ready to be worn under any circumstances. Something to own in order to share.

Images © Maris Petropoulou

Models: Alexandra Malakasioti, Giannis Koukos