Wéngko Molé [pronounced wˈengkō mōlˈe] describes the action of wrapping the sarong around the body as a means of protection, when the day fades into evening. A concept based resort-wear brand represented in London (UK) and Athens (Greece).

Inspired by the meaning of the sarong in Eastern cultures and lifestyle, the brand aims to bring its qualities to a Western audience. Our niche product has evolved through the exploration of this garment in various East Asian countries.

The sarong has been described as one of the most comfortable items of clothing for hot weather. It has belonged to the natives of hot countries of the East, who enjoy its qualities at all times, from elegant ceremonies to agricultural activities and day-to-day work. Wéngko Molé celebrates the simple elegance of this time-honoured tradition.

Always influenced by the minimal, elegant cut of the Indonesian tubular sarong, each year our collections extend to new shapes and styles that offer ultimate comfort and focus on the bold prints that decorate their surface.

Digitally printed in the UK, our garments are crafted in the finest silks and silk mixes, and finished by hand in Greece, so that shape and colour work together to emanate both elegance and comfort. Vibrant bold prints take the wearer to the furthest escapes, offering a truly sensational summer experience.


“Our collections are inspired by themes that bridge far-away cultures, softly blending their colours and motifs into prints that describe an alluring dream.

Our design journey takes us through many stages of layering, using digital methods as well as traditional collage, painting and stencil techniques. Every new layer that is applied enriches the print, leaving the hidden layers and colours to bleed through and achieve the distinct glow that defines our textiles.

Always respecting the fluid nature of soft fabrics, we softly drape them into minimal loose designs that hug and elongate the body, allowing the prints to dance before our eyes.

Every collection introduces a new range of prints, each highlighting our deep layering technique that allows the fabric to exude colour in a fresh and original way. To complement our prints, we propose monochrome tops in custom-dyed fabrics which allow you to dress head to toe in Wéngko Molé, transporting you to summer’s most exotic dreams.”


“Les Sylphides. Beings between spirit and creature, with physiques stronger than those of humans; invisible to our eyes yet captivating our imaginations.

Formed in the air they are gifted with a deeper understanding of the universe and its mysteries, and leave little to chance.

Our Summer 2020 collection is named after the Ballets Russes performance. A poet encounters a group of Sylphides dancing, and joins them in their enchanting ritual. Influenced by the charm and power these creatures represent we place our audience in the poet’s shoes, and our girls in the bodies of the romantic Sylphides.

Themes and colours from Diaghilev’s iconic ballet productions are used as a starting point for this season’s bold complementary palettes, jewel-like colours and soft pastel tones. The collection is developed taking ideas from iconic decades of revolutionary freedom, creating a wild concept of boldness and femininity that lets the mind travel to faraway places of colourful exoticism.”


“We take pride in calling ourselves an ethical and sustainable brand. With the start of the new decade we are launching multiple projects that will aim for 100% fabric use or upcycling. New small additions to the collection are now used to create better pattern compositions, therefore better usage of the fabric and less wastage. Any leftovers are now sent to non-governmental organisations to be made into new silk threads. These carefully selected organisations offer jobs to women from unpriviledged backgrounds, improving their standards of living.

Furthermore, we will soon be launching men’s swimsuits made entirely by plastic found in the sea. Specialised collaborators create fine threads out of plastic to weave high quality fabrics, even softer than the synthetic threads we are used to, giving a new, stylish life to what would otherwise have polluted our planet.”


“Being a brand mostly made by and collaborating with dynamic women, we feel it is our duty to celebrate and promote women’s success in the workplace. Our entirely new empowerment project Colourful Minds showcases the stories of successful women of all ages and professions. Their path is not always smooth, but they have managed to make it to the top, or they are climbing diligently towards their goals, and fear no limits or boundaries. They believe in themselves and let no one question their capabilities. Life is made of beautiful spikes of success, with many important lessons in between. These are the stories of high-achieving women and we are now starting to unravel them through our webpage.”