In Topos, the latest collection of Nefelia Architectural Fashion, forms and shapes of Greek Architecture and Art are represented through jewelry with creases, folds and literal figures, in a series strongly reminiscent of Classical Greece. ‘Topos’ is the Greek name for location; metaphorically though, it suggests origin. Thus, this collection represents architect and designer Nefelia’s feelings and memories of Greece, her birthplace. In it, she presents a different approach to her work than what we’ve seen in the past: white and black dominate the jewelry, though in some pieces, the absence of color and the use of clear and iridescent materials instead, is meant to capture and reflect the Greek sun and light. Mainly working with laser cutting, the designer uses layers of acrylic to shape her jewelry and produce beautiful, elaborate pieces of art defined by strong geometry, pure symmetry, free unattached forms and solid structures with reliefs.