“Back in May of 2020 Nuez Resort Wear was born out of our desire to create the perfect vacation wardrobe. A wardrobe that will be versatile and timeless, meaning that you can use it summer after summer. Having the wandering souls of travellers in mind, and the “less is more’’ as our philosophy we want to offer unique pieces that are conceptualising a luxury lifestyle yet down to earth.

Our first collection is proudly made and designed in Greece. We have carefully selected premium and natural fabrics like crispy linens and the soft to touch viscose. The idea was to produce finest quality garments that embody a luxury feeling and the long lasting essence.  An earthy colour palette has been used for this collection such as tones of khaki, ivory and sand alongside our all time classic and favourite black and white. The natural palette allows you to create endless and effortless combinations, to mix and match or compliment your statement pieces. The feminine silhouette is emphasised through generous cuts, playful details, wide sleeves and a flowing design.

Attention to the details has been given on the garments whilst the minimal aesthetics fuse with a contemporary feeling throughout the collection. We hope that Nuez Resort Wear will take a place into your wardrobe and into your hearts.

For this collection we draw inspiration from the endless blue and the raw beauty of the Eastern part of Crete. The Mediterranean breeze that is deeply connected to our childhood memories during the lazy summer days spending in the Greek islands. Our endless love for exploring new places and the experiences that we have collected throughout our travels influenced our creative thinking and it is reflected on this first collection.”

Images © Petros Dellatolas