‘Prosopon’ is a collection that reflects Christina Ioannidou’s deep interest in cultures and tribes around the world. It’s based on her research on traditional outfits worn in ceremonials around different countries that define the identity of the wearer and at the same time deliver a message to the viewer. The designer created one piece for each of her muse-figures and that’s why the headpieces of the ‘Prosopon’ collection all hold names. They are made of leather and metal, hand-cut and formed, combined with real fox and mink fur that was provided by Saga Furs (Denmark).

Some see this collection as costumes, some as body adornments and some as simply a way of hiding an identity. Ioannidou sees these headpieces as creatures that are there to grab attention and create feelings. She envisions people wearing them as part of their outfit as she believes that, once we realize that transformation is one of our instincts, it would feel absolutely normal; besides, transforming one’s appearance used to be normal back in the day and still is, in some tribes.

Images © Nhu Xuan Hua | Styling by Francesca Pinna | Hair and make up by Kenny Leung | Model: Megan @ Models One | Video production: Flying Drops