After more than a decade of designing bridal wear, London-based designer Sophia Kokosalaki is launching her first jewelry line. Inspired by Greece, drawing on references from Greek mythology and the country’s architectural landscape, the pieces feature minimalist, clean lines and charms shaped in the form of harps, lunar disks and the Neman lion. The collection has earrings, cuffs, upper-arm and wrist bracelets, pendants and rings with secret compartments using Grecian gold, gold-plated silver and pearls. Highlights include a pair of drop earrings embellished with freshwater pearls, a gold anklet and a sleek cuff featuring knotted panels made to resemble the Gordian knot. The collection is a standalone offering that can be worn with everything from everyday T-shirt and jeans to the most decadent evening gowns, while certain pieces could serve as a perfect complement to a modern bridal ensemble.