Sophie Deloudi negotiates in a brand new way with her kind of feminism for her new collection, summer 2020. Consistent to her values according elegance, she manages to reposition simple, primary principles. Sophie Deloudi worships women, respects their bodies and always designs driven by attention to details and quality – her way of being.


Loyal and persistent to high aesthetics, Sophie Deloudi, slightly softens her lines for summer 2020 and experiments with new materials as to correspond more accurately to the conception of each different whole.

“Ibiscus” collection with recognizable floral prints refers to more romantic souls that love colours and delicate motives.

“Woodstock Festival” is basically linked to the aura of the previous collection in the sense of the nostalgic atmosphere, yet so synchronous. Stretched velvet and piqué fabrics contribute to the sentimental approach.

“Passion Fruit” collection also stands out with the raised smooth surface textile. The lines and design accentuate femininity following the softness of natural curves in a special 80’s happy-go-lucky colour palette that also caresses the strong vulnerability that the woman chooses to show or not in her own way.

“Polaroid” collection, with this characteristic title of other times, is an extremely modern original version of black and white drawn stripes in geometrical patterns that disclaim previous austerity on a small scale due to the ultra feminine design, especially on the décolleté’s various details.

“Monochrome”, last but not least, is the “usual swimwear suspect” collection of Sophie Deloudi’s brainpower. Simple, chic and elegant plain creations with distinguishable embellishments, compatible to the visual result, form this masterly sharp total.


Grandeur matched with simplicity, finesse defined by graceful lines and designated Sophie Deloudi’s class, all dance together in harmony on clothes that go beyond beachwear. Whereas honouring core values of the brand, Sophie decides to address to women throughout whole summer period saying her own farewell to strict beach-wise wear introducing a new vacation-wise wear for all circumstances.

Elegance definition as a quality of style and grace is portrayed on clothes that match all styles of swimwear. Neutral colours do not restrict any desirable combination. Plain and simple white, light blue, greige and black creations that flatter the silhouette stand out for the soft interesting lines and sophisticated details that complement unique original distinguished pieces.

Images © Nikos Papadopoulos