Making creative use of modern social stimuli, Stelios Koudounaris completes this year a successful decade in fashion, respecting his design principles. The timeless woman that the designer envisions, is not molded into the suffocating rules of each era. She strives for elegance, she insists on being eclectic and her only goal is to escape into a fantastic world of luxury and supremacy.

His collection for Autumn-Winter 2018-19 shows an era of dynamic change. Fashion is different from the social and political messages that overwhelm us. The designer is gazing at the future, having an air of nostalgia coming from the past with a contemporary look.

At this period of time, as different cultures collide and past keeps informing the present, he is looking deeply at every little thing that the history has revealed to reminds us what we are experiencing today. Pictures from earlier times, decades of decay, poverty, post war, when everything seemed pointless at an economically difficult time and people seemed not able to rise to the occasion, is the source of inspiration for this year’s collection. The only hope and the goal of any such era is the recovery and the almost “dreamy” ambition that something will make the difference again.

As one story ends, another one begins.

Stelios Koudounaris tries through every collection to communicate the human mental state as he perceives it in a stylistic way, complex, inside, adapting to the socio-economic context.

Stoulios Koudounaris’ woman, even in the difficult times, will find the way to differ and receive positive feedback from the eyes of her fans.

The green of optimism is chosen for imperial plush, while the red of success and excitement is carefully used in leather ecological ensembles. Large gray-white carriages combined with strictly closed busts and black knitters define the theatricality of the time, while metal evening dresses give a glamorous character to the dark wave of winter.

At such a time, Stelios Koudounaris suggestions aspire to decisively influence the way each woman seeks her identity through the fashion choices. Besides, his desire to escape today is still a driving force of our everyday life.

That’s how all the stories that have not been said yet, begin.

Images @Haralambos Giannakopoulos

Styling @Aris Georgiadis

Shoes @Sante X Stelios Koudounaris

Hair @Eimi Greece

Nails @Opi

Make up @Freddy Kolobratsos