The new summer collection of Stelios Koudounaris radiates a sense of freedom, a source of enthusiasm, a naive dynamism, a spontaneity, some characteristics of youth, during which nothing really scares us.

At that time of our life where the big things look easy and the little ones become big. Summer colors such as white, beige, bronze, gold, navy blue, stripes and shiny metallic fabrics that remind us of water and ocean. Loose, airy and fluid forms combined harmoniously with some more urban clothes with androgynous elements, that the designer always puts in his collections.

The collection is addressed to women of all ages who feel young and seek new experiences even through their appearance, women traveling in the city but also to women who travel often because the clothes consist a complete wardrobe with special day outfits made of friendly materials that do not easily wrinkle and seek to be in the summer luggages first.

The evening part of the collection smells like the Mediterranean, the fluid metallic fabrics remind us of summer waters, while an instinctive passion exists in the aura of these air pieces that are the ideal suggestions for the most special circumstances.

Photos @Θανάσης Κρίκης

Styling @Χάρης Γκοτζαμανίδης & Ηλίας Μιχαλόλιας

Make up – hair @Στελλάρ