Sun of a Beach is a summer accessories brand whose signature product is the beach towel, but that also produces a range of beach bags, pouches and apparel. The core team designers Melina Pispa and Ellie Rountou, draw their inspiration from a beautiful universe they discovered (and endlessly enrich in their creative minds) while working for years as stylists and fashion designers. Classic summer iconography, contemporary art, minimalistic design, but most of all their memories from the endless summers that they spent on the Greek islands, are all points of reference and inspiration for the two Sun of a Beach designers.

For the SS2016 season, Sun of a Beach is proud to announce their collaboration with WWF Greece, and the donation of 10% of the sales of the “endangered sea life series” to the causes of WWF Greece supporting the Mediterranean Sea life. The Mediterranean Sea is the world’s largest inland sea, a beautiful but troubled body of water stretching between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. Over fishing, climate change and pollution are all taking their toll, adding pressure on the delicate balance of marine life. All of the designs of the “Endangered Sea Life” series have been created especially for Sun of a Beach by artist Joanna Buternshaw.