Introducing a modern take on luxury, Ioanna Souflia presents her first fine jewelry Collection ‘Symbiosis’. Defined by a strong element of contrast, the collection features exuberant sculptural pieces with graphic patterns, tactile surfaces with highly polished finishes, alluring feminine curves and structured crisp lines, capturing the brand’s aesthetic and the designer’s vision of precious jewelry.

Focusing on innovative design and traditional craftsmanship, Symbiosis is made in Greek Thasos marble and 14K gold embellished with black and grey diamonds. Believing that luxury has a dual meaning, the manufacturing of all Symbiosis pieces follows a meticulous process; from the fusion of antithetical stimuli to a harmonious design, to the realization of this design in gold and marble.

Aspiring to create precious pieces of high quality the designer, after teaching herself the art of stone carving and with the valuable support of her stone suppliers Pnevmatikos Marble, handcrafts each piece of stone individually. With respect to the properties and the limitations of marble, each design requires hours of fabrication, absolute precision and the finest goldsmith craftsmanship in order for Ioanna Souflia to offer an exceptional piece where black gold and Thasos marble co-exist in a symbiotic relationship.