The Summer 2015 collection of Sophie Deloudi reveals the retro and classical beauty of the feminine body either by referring to the 1950s and the pin up era in a nostalgic journey in time, or by giving prominence to the female body through simple lines and minimal forms. The collection follows a strongly feminine and purely geometrical concept. Lines are clear and strict, playing symmetrically with the woman’s curves. Each piece hides a surprise: the back ties, the bottoms shape, the unexpected turn of the figure. A woman who discovers time to time her potential, a woman who wonders restlessly today. Fabrics play once again a huge role, as was the case in Sophie Deloudi’s previous collection. Greek classic motives and folklore traditional hints are translated modestly in today’s mood. Colors touch the earth and match silently in perfect harmony. Geometrical patterns motives remind us that symmetry – as well as fantasy – have no limits. So does femininity, since above all, feminine attraction can eagerly provide both the question and the answer.

Images © Kostas Avgoulis