Tilia beeswax is a multi-awarded skincare series.
 Kytio Natural Habits is the company that produces the series exclusively in Greece and distributes worldwide.

Founders of the company, Thanassis and Natalia have their own story to tell:

“When our baby had serious irritation problems and nothing (chemical or not) could really help, we took the situation in our hands.
 This is how we tested remedies and solved our problem for good.
 Then we started research on ingredients and after a long but valid process we came out with our first “miracle”, Tilia Beeswax Ointment, a far more advanced and effective formula. We firmly believe that everybody deserves the best treatment.”

Nature is wise.

“This is why it provides natural ingredients with proven efficacy.
 Beeswax, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tilia Europaea Oil, coming from authorized producers with zero chemical process, are the basis of our products.
 And because they contain no water, they are highly concentrated, therefore 100% active. We believe that we humans are entitled to enjoy good health that comes from nature in its purest form.
 And because Nature is perfect as it is, we are determined to sustain it. Our custom glass jars are reusable and recyclable. The outer packaging uses 100% recycled carton. Our amber glass jars protect the products from UV and oxidation ensuring longer life and unchangeable quality. All plastic containers come from recycled materials and aim at protecting the products and enhancing user’s experience.

As background Natalia and Thanassis come from architecture and construction. This is the reason they strongly believe that aesthetics are crucial for the inner balance, which is the most important factor for a healthier body and a clearer mind.

Nature glorifies diversity but in the same time is full of harmony. This is what we feel should be reflected in our packaging.

Intelligence does not need to be quantified. It takes more than IQ’s and EQ’s to define it. When people observe nature they see things that make them smarter, more experienced, more conscious. It is what the wisest creatures can teach them. We call it NQ -Natural Intelligence- and we are proud to believe that our products possess it.”

Images © Alexandra Diona (www.ashinyday.com)

Design & illustration: Christos Kourtoglou