The Commitment collection of Yannis Sergakis Adorments is inspired by the different ways of tying stones together and consists of 3 distinct lines, 3 different level of commitment, 3 different tying knots, made of 18K gold and diamonds: Charnières, Crochets & Liens. Various ties with one underlying mood – grace, aggression, desire, lust. Timeless pieces of discreet elegance; an elegance of ancient Greek origin that is identifiable, yet not imposing.

The Collection starts with the Charnières line. An elegant hinge used by yesteryear Greek jewelers to tie together precious metals and stones. Its shapes have a geometrical feeling, while its forms follow an archaic line. Crochets. The elegance of the first line is still evident, yet with an aggressive, almost erotic take. Here, the hinge takes on a different form, one that is angular, edgier, sharper, but also chic. Liens. The hinge now takes a more delicate, almost Bohemian form. The Liens line has magnificent symmetry, clear structures and eloquent shapes. It is grown-up, sophisticated, desirable.

Photos by Yiannis Katsaris