The women of the Dada movement, their geometric silhouettes, urban sophistication and ability to combine a certain extravagance with practicality were the starting point of the AW14 collection of Yiorgos Eleftheriades. Inspired by the freedom of Bohemian men’s wardrobes and the way sportswear enables the body to perform perfectly in extreme movement, the collection is defined by a distinct urge to liberate the female form, reminding the swift lines and mismatched shapes of postmodern architecture in the 1950s. The patterns, geometrical appliqués and surrealistic animal prints highlight the patchwork combinations, while fabrics such as flannel, felt, wool and silk crepe, duchesse satin, velvet, sheer wool jersey, cotton and leather are used to achieve playful textures and to ignite a dialogue between fluid and rigid shapes. The color palette is dominated by a series of desaturated neutral tones, coupled with rich shades of aubergine, bordeaux, camel and aquamarine.