‘Ariadne’s thread’ is a collection inspired by the Minoan Labyrinth that transforms traditional elements and symbols of Greek Mythology into contemporary garments. The structured lines of the Labyrinth’s geometry and the fluidity of the unfolding ball of thread that was used to find the way out of it – both focal points of the myth – become central elements in this collection.

The clothing lines of Greek traditional costumes are combined with rich textures of silk, cotton, wool and leather to form oversized capes, straight coats, fitted blazers, structured skirts, long trousers, flowing long dresses, shirts and jumpers.

Next to them, handmade crochet bags with authentic traditionally woven trimmings, belts with tassels, leather shoes, handmade silver fastenings and stylish jewelry complete the collection.

The color palette spans from bright white to black, including light grey, cinnamon, peach and emerald, while exquisite embroideries and contrasting details add timeless elegance and finesse.

Zeus+Dione works closely with experienced craftsmen and small workshops in Soufli, Attica, Metsovo and Crete, aiming at preserving and promoting traditional Greek techniques and skills.

Images © Yiorgos Kordakis