“I travel to places like Africa to liberate my soul. It is an ongoing adventure that started in 2006. It is a triple axis project that consists of wildlife cultural and humanitarian photography. It is my life’s testimony for all the things I care.

I do not document nature or wildlife. But I do seek to bring awareness. Being an artist I need to bring myself and the world I am photographing closer to my vision. The vision in my work is the key to unlock my photography. I often allude an almost otherworldly stage for my protagonists to express primary or secondary emotions. Fear, anger, loneliness, detachment, but also energy, rhythm, hopes are personal emotions channelled to my photographic works.

Extracting every glimpse of light and/or shadow are key elements in my work. Light and shadow do coexist. Light illuminates shadow defines.

I am not a conservationist by work standards. But I do care immensely about cultures, nature and wildlife and the fear of their extinction is my strongest photography force. I want my kids to be able to see wild world’s magical displays in front of their eyes. Not in a museum because they are not going to exist anymore. Through my travels I learn to explore and through my exploration I learn to conserve and protect. Nature and people alike.

As a photographer I consider printing as the cornerstone of my whole photographic process. My archival prints are sold in very limited editions. A substantial percent of the profit is donated to our school and orphanage program in Kibera, Kenya.”

Nicolas Lotsos has been a recipient of multiple international awards most notably for his images in Africa. He was awarded “photographer of the year” from Spider awards, the most prestigious international black and white photography competition.