The tang of salt in the air. Sunlight sparkling on clear blue water. Pomegranate seeds glistening like jewels in your palm. Australian artist, designer photographer Claire Lloyd had a successful career in London, a beautiful apartment and a life filled with excitement and travel. However she was beginning to feel exhausted by her life’s hectic pace. One day a chance conversation with a friend led her to the Greek island of Lesvos, where she finally found what she was looking for – a sense of peace and the return of her creative drive. My Greek Island Home describes Claire’s journey to a small village in Greece – the ancient land of gods and poets, where the seasons govern a way of life that has barely changed over thousands of years. Accompanied by Claire’s stunning photographs filled with colour and light, this inspirational story of reconnecting with nature and community, and finding beauty in the smallest details will make you see the world anew.

An extract from the book:

“When I bought my house on Lesvos, I was led by instinct – over the years I have learned to follow it without question.
People always ask me how I came to be here. It was my friend Vicki who introduced me to the island. I had told her that I wanted a house away from London, a sunny place abroad. One day I said, ‘I have lost my creativity; I don’t feel grounded. I am terribly frustrated.’

Vicki suggested a change in direction. She held up her phone and on it was an image of a traditional stone house in a rugged landscape where fig and walnut trees stood below clear blue skies. She announced in her quiet way, ‘I have bought a house in Greece on a very beautiful island.’ I stared at her screen, entranced. Vicki was touched by my reaction – it felt quite profound. She said, ‘Perhaps this is your remedy.’ It was just up to me to take it. I phoned my friend Domenica and asked if she was up for a trip; her answer was a resounding yes.

So we set off and after a knackering all-night journey we arrived at Mytilene airport at six in the morning. Our first glimpse of Lesvos from the air was exciting: the deep blue-green Aegean Sea and a huge landmass rising from it. Dawn was breaking and warm colours streaked the horizon, a preview of the beautiful day ahead.

The sense of serenity and peace I felt when I arrived on Lesvos was extremely powerful, and my feeling of connection to the island only grew over the hours and days of our stay.”