In his series ‘I’m not malfunctioning, you are’, Kostis Fokas wishes to present a new take on the human body and explore its infinite capabilities. The use of quirky, and sometimes hidden faces communicates exactly that. Unlike photography that seeks to reveal the feelings of the objects portrayed through the use of faces and expressions, he shifts his focus on the complete freedom pertained to the image of a human body. Stripped from its clothes, Kostis Fokas leaves it fully exposed and completely surrendered.

Long fascinated with imperfection in a world that is seemingly always desperate for order, the photographer allows his models to interact freely in bizarre ways, capturing moments of beauty in the ludicrous poses and situations that form. In this alternate universe, everyday objects become curious props and subjects are shrouded by strange disguises in a rainbow of colors. The partial nudes and covered faces are erotic and unexpected, suspended somehow here between reality and a fictionalized sense of self. In ‘I’m not malfunctioning, you are’, what is hidden is as important as what is revealed in this provocative interplay of bodies and acrobatics.