The Landscapes series by Kostas Kapsianis explores the landscape as a space irrevocably alienated from human imposition. The site is not intended as an objective ground for aesthetic contemplation and relaxation mid occurring events and/or situations, but rather the opposite. The apparently invisible – but nevertheless existing – relationships create situations that are interwoven to form a space anew. The perpetual state of human intervention and the hidden social desire are what determine the properties of space, their effects evident in the structures, semantics and everyday practices of political behavior and identity. The series is looking for the traces of this process, which use their invisible threads to mark the space in designated areas, essentially seeking the definite and pronounced. Utopias that can hardly be described, as their constant evolution makes them impossible to define as specific entities of a given system. These landscapes are not ruled by a single, objective reality and hence what matters most is the attempt to represent one as such.