Marilena Vainanidi’s “Spitishoot” is a photography project inspired by people living in their houses.

“I’m a self-taught photographer and photography is my way to handle reality. In my project, I take photos of people at their houses. For me, home has always been something more than a place to live in. It is our memories, our refuge, the place where we spend a huge part of our lives, an inseparable part of identity. Home is the only place that we can really be ourselves and don’t need to pretend.

My childhood memories are directly linked to the house and its details, as every picture and every corner is connected to a feeling of mine. At spitishoot, along with photos of people and their houses, I also give some ideas for decorating or spending time at home. We need to take care of our home and enjoy our spending time in it. Most of the houses I photographed are located in Athens, with the exception of one located in Andros, and my goal in the upcoming years is to photograph people in homes all over Greece.”