The new personal project by Athens-based photographer Bill Thanopoulos is titled @thenetherlandsdiary: a series of images mainly about Holland but also about Greece, his home country and how photography can bring those two countries closer together.

These series of photographs highlight a common dark cinematic atmosphere between different places and photographic genres, between dream and reality. The human presence within the city is continuously moving fast or disappearing through architecture’s looming presence. Looks like stories coming from a dark dystopian future where the ferocity of nature is also present and the beauty is not necessarily in the subject itself but also in the space that surrounds it. This project’s images were taken over a period of 8 years, since 2012, predominantly in locations around Holland and Greece.

Bill Thanopoulos works across many photographic genres such as documentary, architecture, landscape and fashion. Interested in the aesthetics of emptiness and always inspired by architecture and sea, captures images to create a work that is clouded in mystery and solitude. 8 years ago, he traveled to The Netherlands for the first time and with one of his photos from this trip, he won the 1st prize of Alstom Transport International Competition, which was a premium Leica Camera. He’s been taking photos since he was 6 years old or maybe earlier, but it was after this trip that he got obsessed with art and photography. His practice in this field, began to articulate the nature’s effect upon his state of mind and  today this place feels more like home than anywhere else.