“In India worlds of different eras meet. The magic of a traditional world coexists with the positive spirit of the industrial world and the cynicism of the post-industrial world. The Ganges continues to imbue the barren subcontinent with magic from end to end. With its divine powers it heals and saves the believers, despite the efforts of the subsequent worlds to stain its reputation, by describing its waters as filthy and polluted. I remember how upset I was when I heard that due to a microorganism that has developed in the river, and that it feeds itself with bacteria, the waters of the Ganges are much clearer than those of other rivers. The miracle had been realized and science explains it, fulfilling its duty to tame the magic.The photographic camera, as a creation of the industrial world, would be expected to serve the same purpose. However, perhaps even beyond the intentions of its manufacturers, it fills the world with magic, instead of explaining it. Fleeting aspects of reality are able to take on, through their photographic depiction, a mythical dimension. The photographs here attempt to pose the question of whether the magic comes from the place they depict or from the depiction itself.”