Red Creative joined forces with musicians Babis Papadopoulos (former member of Trypes, a highly acclaimed Greek rock band) and Christos Yermenoglou, producing 500 unique vinyl record covers as part of the experimental project Basenezmen.

In order to achieve that, the designers used scrap printer sheets of paper from an older collaboration they had with silkscreen expert Miki Florentin. The sheets had been printed many times in the past and offered a visually interesting background consisting of colors, type and logos. Red Creative overprinted a silver strip to cover the background and on top of that they imprinted the album’s info using black ink.

The tracks are numbered 0,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and have symbols rather than names, each one visualizing the track’s rhythm. The album is released by Polytropon Records and Defkaz Productions as a limited edition of 500 copies in vinyl only, each one essentially becoming a collector’s item.