Combining the necessary practicality with natural materials and cool designs, House of Myrtle’s designs redefine the conventional aesthetics of baby changing bags and other family essentials. The label’s product range brings a stylish, smart and elegant feel to the family gear. As they describe “Their love for natural, practical and handmade products was instilled to us by our crafty mum and grew further through our own parenting experience. This love became the seed of our idea and is channeled through our products, in every possible way”.

Using the finest natural materials, cotton fabrics and water-based dyes, House of Myrtle’s products reflect a passion for a way of life closer to nature. From the silkscreen printing to the fabric cutting and the sewing, each product has been handcrafted from specialized craftspeople, always bringing a high-quality result with a homemade touch. Each design has been thoroughly thought through, to meet the practical needs of the user, be it a super-organized mum, a hands-on dad or an ever-moving tot. The patterns printed on House of Myrtle’s bags and accessories are inspired by nature, emphasizing a clean, pure and eco-friendly aesthetic. Nature was also the source from which they drew inspiration for the names of the products. Each product has its own identity, its own name, that reflects elements found in nature like pebbles, leaves and shells, escaping the usual imagery we see in kids and babies products.