This complex of vacation residencies designed by hhharchitects consists of 3 houses built on a wooded hillside overlooking the west coast of Skiathos and eastern Pelion. The natural environment defined the architectural layout of the complex that comprises 6 volumes, following the slope of the site in a linear formation, parallel to the coastline. The complex is closed and unified in the north side, while in the south it opens up, differentiating each house and offering its inhabitants privacy and stunning views to the sea. Every house consists of 2 buildings, connected using light steel constructions such as pergolas, bridges and staircases, that create in-between spaces such as atriums and verandas, which are in essence the “heart” of the houses. The intermediate spaces are used as extensions of the indoor areas, forming a continuity both functionally and visually, by turning the outer space into a part of the house. The main materials used in the constructions are stones resulting from the excavation, wood, reeds, steel and glass. Glass is used in the column-free corners, offering unobstructed views to the sea, opening up the living rooms to the verandas at the same time. Reeds are used for shadow and privacy. The contrast created between the stone walls and the lighter steel elements underlines and gives lightness to the composition as a whole.

Photos © Nikos Daniilidis