Almy Luxury Villa is built in Almyrida, a small seaside resort located 22 km East from the city of Chania, Crete. An excellent location for relaxing holidays.

Almy villa is surrounded by the water and the sun, with a stunning view to the sea and a quiet atmosphere. The owners wanted to provide a luxurious accommodation experience to their guests with a lot of amenities and services for an enjoyable stay, as the famous Cretan hospitality defines.

From the first moment, the main colors which dominate  the scenery is the light blue of the sky, the deep blue of the sea and the green of the land behind the villa. These images inspired us and gave us the guidance to choose the palette of the colors and the patterns for the interior of all spaces.

We tried to bring inside the villa, all the vibes – the energy – the sea breeze, and the calmness of the sunset, someone experiences when standing next to the pool outside of the villa.

We took advantage of all available hidden spaces of the building, and we managed to include a fully equipped gym, sauna, and Jacuzzi tub inside the master bathroom.