Located in an early 70’s residential building in the center of Athens, on Didotou street, this project is about converting an apartment previously used as an office space, back to its original purpose, this time functioning as a short stay apartment.

Natural lighting enhancement seemed like an essential parameter of the re-design, and it was achieved by combining the kitchen, entrance hall and living room into one unified space, while artificial warm lighting compliments each separate room. The addition of an extra bathroom seemed necessary to serve the apartment’s needs as well as the creation of a master bedroom including the previous bathroom as ensuite. Bespoke structures that combine steel frames and lacquered wooden doors create additional storage spaces. The design approach references the character of the building while the colour and material palette, textures and shapes used, recreate that retro ambiance in a contemporary way.

Design: Ghost Designers

Construction: Epikyklos

Images © Nikos Papageorgiou