The aim of this project was to design a functional open-space. The narrow rectangular shape of the apartment, created the need to ‘merge’ its diverse functions, eliminating any solid obstacles between them. Hence, the existing linear wall between the kitchen and the living-room was replaced by a light furniture that allows the contact through it. This bespoke composition permits a ‘dialogue’ among the functions and this way the user is free to communicate visually with all the space. Its shape, that resembles a grid, intents to play with the natural light and by blocking it or the opposite, the space gains volume and texture. In addition of creating this ‘atmosphere’, it is a fully functional bookshelf/cabinet: it serves as a TV stand on the side of the living room and as a small everyday dining-table on the kitchen’s side. The kitchen furniture spreads opposite to it, accentuating the parallelogram form of the flat.

The materials used in both are plywood for the structural parts, and lacquered mdf wood for the mobile parts. The colors of the lacquered parts (white, dark grey & yellow) complete and strengthen the playful character of the design, while the shown edges of the plywood punctuate its form. The floor of the whole area is covered by a single material to highlight the continuity of all functions. The industrial wood floor is selected to stress the concept of the design.
The design of the bathroom follows as well the concept of the open-space. The shower is separated from the rest of the facilities with a glass, so the first impression is a continuous space, emphasized by the use of only one material that covers both walls and floor. The black & white color combination creates an illusion of a bigger area, while keeping the minimal tone. The interior design of the flat is then completed by the mixed use of vintage and new pieces, each one of those carefully chosen in order to maintain a modern, simple style.

Photos © Proper Photography