Into the Light Hotel is a model designed by A31 Architecture for a hoteliers’ exhibition that provides a fine example of a contemporary but nevertheless timeless architectural approach that brings together all that is best in Greek hotel design. The space is integrated into the landscape and enhances the visitor’s stimuli through experiential events and activities. Drawing inspiration from the country’s rich natural resources, light is used in different perspectives and filters (modern trellises, skylights, pergola) to trigger one’s emotions, as surprise is being succeeded by warmth and intimacy. The entrance lobby guides the visitor through a path that triggers memories related to the way we perceive light and to the mountainside of the mainland, fascinating through the mere lack of any pomposity. With a welcoming nature and an unpretentious feel, the room is a contemporary space with white furniture, a cement floor and a built-in bed, similiar to the ones found in a typical Cycladic hotel. The dining room is a harmonious composition of both classic and modern elements, while in the garden, water and arid plants in a sand pit compose a landscape that resembles that of the Greek islands and the Mediterranean landscape in general.