In a former workshop space, which occupies the top floor of an office building, located in City Hall Square, in the heart of the Historic and Commercial Center of Athens, the architectural team FLUX – office designed a residence to serve the needs of its new occupants.

All the structural elements, columns and beams, are stripped, remaining exposed and defining with their grid the basic core of habitation and the principles upon which the space was organized.

The new zones created, penetrate one another, offering open and bright spaces for habitation. A dynamic element of the composition is a large box, cladded in pleated aluminum sheets, which shelters the more private areas of the house: bedroom – bathroom – dress room.

The open-space layout, in combination with the new pivot openings on both sides of the residence, located on the East-West axis, creates a new, fluid, floor plan, that opens outwards, to the two large terraces of the apartment.

The materials and furniture were chosen to have a “scent” of the 70’s: green marble in the bathroom, oak herringbone for the floor, pleated aluminum cladding on the box, bush hammered plaster for the exterior walls.

The light, the permeability that was created, the combination of materials, the continuity between interior and exterior spaces and the introduction of an intermediate area, as a zone open to various uses, made the floor plan converse with the urban landscape of the city, in a dynamic and vibrant way. It made the floor plan a new area of habitation, open and alive.

Architectural Design: Flux Office – Thanassis Demiris, Efthymios Dougkas, Eva Manidaki

Images © Panos Kokkinias