The project is about redoing an empty and unused flat, a leftover basement of an Athenian block of apartments. Located at the north slope of Lycabettus Hill
 in Athens, the flat had a single opening into an enclosed atrium, and a pair of ceiling skylights.

Design concept aimed at enhancing those features of the space, in order to create a comfortable and relaxed living space, a dwelling where the resident would find shelter and would familiarize with its rooms at his own pace.

The design concept is therefore implemented with an array of pocket spaces well designed and balanced. These living spaces offer a variety of in-between relations and create a graduation of privacy, while maintaining a connection between them. Furthermore, the design enhances an underlying feeling of gradually moving from underneath to the surface, from shade to light, from the enclosed space of the sleeping area to the atrium.

To implement the design concept, we designed a new partition wall which evolves into the space by being curved, bended, cut and penetrated. The wall forms three distinctive functional areas, the kitchen alcove, the shower curve and the desk opening, which separates the living from the sleeping area. We also designed key custom furniture elements, the closet, the sideboard, the bathroom vanity and the kitchenette. We chose raw materials, such as cement and glazed ceramic tiles along with unfinished plywood and black steel to counterpart the white walls.

Furniture: ElGreco Gallery

Artwork: Anastasia Douka

Images © Alina Lefa