“La Casa Di Mare” is a summer house in Rethymnon, Crete. The plot covers an area of ​​1230 sq.m. while the residence has an area of ​​230.00 sq.m. and develops on two levels.

The purpose of the design was to create a house that would exploit the particularity of the narrow plot creating views to the sea and giving the feeling of coexistence of the interior with the exterior spaces. Thus, at the ground floor level, a split of volumes is created which follows the slope of the ground creating small interior levels within the house.

Exterior spaces and swimming pools complement the indoors by emphasizing the importance of sea-view which at the same time isolates users into smaller functional units.

The house is designed for the summer, so it is dominated by white colors combined with white concrete floors and wooden details in the interior and the exterior. Particular emphasis is given to the relationship between indoor and outdoor areas of the house as the architects intended to have a coexistence than a clear functional separation.

Collaborator architect:  Dimitra Pavlidou

Interior / Furniture: Amalia Noukaki  / 2Affair

Structural Engineer: GK Engineering

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