Passer Domesticus is a two storey 1924 historical building, reborn into a unique compact living space for short term habitation and city break experiences.

Originally a tradesman’s fabrics shop and later a fishing accessories store, Passer Domesticus is dedicated to modern urban living, along with experiencing much of its past era atmosphere.

The aim of the project is to enable people to experience living into a street level shop environment and feel the city’s vibe from a closer, warmer and more personal perspective.

Away from the city’s usual busy mood, standing into a small historical neighborhood into the heart of the city, Passer Domesticus ground level becomes an experience itself, a reminder of characteristics found in small scale societies, greek villages and city neighborhoods of the past.

Passer Domesticus aims to additionally offer private – in place – experiences to its guests, such as exclusive dinners, private small music concerts, small exhibitions hosting and guided historic retrospectives.

“Passer Domesticus” in Latin, is the little bird of the sparrow genus “Passer”, native in the Mediterranean region and strongly associated with human habitations into urban settings.

“Passer” as someone -like the sparrow birds- who passes by and “domestic”, as the definition of the urban space, Passer Domesticus becomes a little nest inside the urban environment to host all romantic urban nomads.

A two storey, yet four level space, including basement, ground floor, mezzanine and first floor, while ending on a flat roof.

The ground floor operates as the main salon, with a resting area, a dinner / working table, small kitchenette and a large clear glass facade towards the street while the mezzanine, is specially built with a white strong fisherman’s net, offering the space a comfortable and very trendy area of resting.

In the bedroom area, the old wooden painted floor, the intentionally left rusty metallic window roll tops, and semi transparent paper curtains, complete the super calm feeling of the bedroom. The bathroom at the basement, has a mixed old monumental / Cycladic style feeling, with a private garden of plants and stones in the lighted area of the cour anglaise, while reddish brick, pink marble and grey cement floor, is a direct reference to the Bezesten famous Ottoman market building, which stands to the next corner.

Construction @ 157+173 designers

Images @ Kostas Pappas, 157+173 designers