Plinthos pavilion is an installation constructed for an Interior Design Show in Athens that explores the characteristics of clay brick by adding another, unusual quality: transparency. Being one of the most commonly used building materials for thousands of years, clay brick has always been a symbol for solidity, reliability, human scale, while in many cases it has also been admired for its sensual qualities. This installation’s walls and floors were built using a total of 21,816 bricks, whose perforated surfaces create a visual transparency that becomes the channel of interaction between the visitors and the structure. A constant background sound-scape and an expanding RGB light communicate through the wall, transforming the structure into a living organism that totally engages the visitor.

Plinthos pavilion is a multi-sensory experience. It binds the tactile emotion of the rough brick surface, as a memory of ancient construction, with new technologies that stimulate the sense of the passing of time, relating this way the past to the future.

Design team: Franky Antimisiaris, Branko M. Berlic | Interactive application: soniconlab / stavros didakis | Photographer: Christos Drazos | Videographer: Christos Nikolareas | Video editing: mab architects