This building in the suburb of Kefalari, Athens, was designed by Moustroufis Architects in a way that achieves a clarity of volumetric arrangement between its distinctive elements. The cubic synthesis of the volumes gives a bold sculptural approach to the design. The latter consists of clear, strict volumes that have large openings towards the outdoor spaces, the garden view and the pool. The kitchen, the dining room, and the living room are located on the ground floor level, whereas the master department, and three extra bedrooms with their private bathroom, are all situated on the 1st floor level.

The pool and the water element placed beside it, create a “C” shape around the living room and the dining room, which have visually continuity. This allows for the water reflections on the walls are diffused throughout the surrounding rooms, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The design of the outdoor pergola is of great importance, as it provides suitable alternation between shadow and light, in accordance with the season of the year. The pergola provides a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors, constituting at the same time a matching morphological element. In this way, the boundaries between inside and outside are merged.

Architect: Giorgos Moustroufis

Photos by Nikos Daniilidis