Rhapsody Myconian Stories is located in the heart of the Aegean, specifically in the most famous neighborhood of Mykonos, little Venice.

The design was based on the traditional elements of Cycladic architecture and white color is predominating. The wooden beams of the roof remained visible, arches were used in the transition points but also as recesses in the walls, while the whole configuration is created by built-in volumes. The main corridor leads to the balcony that is literally wet from the sea. Mirrors were placed there in order to reflect the view of the sea and diffuse natural light into the space. The materials chosen are oak wood in combination with marbles in earthy tones, brass and black metallic elements. The brass details come to “illuminate” the grove, creating small flashes like the reflections of the sun in the waters of the Aegean, giving a sense of abstract luxury. The identity of the store is completed with elements influenced by the work of Picasso, which are found in the forged work that adorns the wall opposite the bar and on the painted fabrics of the lighting fixtures.

Images © Anna Zouganeli

Photo Edit: Christos Kaligos