A brand-new refurbished apartment located in a seafront residential complex in Thessaloniki. The 135 m2 refurbishment responds to the needs of a family of three.

The scheme includes: living room, kitchen, visitors’ WC, master bedroom, kids room and bathroom. The existing marble flooring is the linking point of a residential setup with distinctive functions in one spatial composition. The living room holds an exceptional view of the city’s seaside. The sea view was the stimulus to flesh out the space as a family lounge room including a dining area and an office, as well. Wood paneling, large format tile paneling, metallic details and colour integration narrate a space tale.

Furthermore, a window frame between the living room area and the kitchen offers unobstructed view towards the sea. Delicate colours and minimal design generate the sense of continuity in the apartment. Pendant lights, hidden lighting, wall lamps and sconces offer alternative lighting solutions. Likewise, textiles of various textures blend in with the furniture.

Lead Architect: Aspasia Taka

Design team: Maria Avramidou, Marcella J. Anthrakopoulou, Kostis Kandilas, Christina Charalambidou – Kourfali

Photo credits © Nikos Vavdinoudis – Christos Dimitriou / studiovd.gr