The plain white volumes of this summerhouse in Santorini designed by Kapsimalis Architects contravene the earthy colors of their surroundings and make reference to Cycladic cubism, which is a main characteristic of the island’s traditional architecture. The building complex is located on the highest point of Santorini, facing to the southwest and offering extensive views to the Aegean Sea and to the volcanic landscape. The design took into consideration the fact that the site belongs to a highly protected ‘’Natura’’ zone. In this context, the house is integrated into the steep slope of the mountain and uses the materials and the color palette of its surrounding for the construction of the exterior spaces. The rock of the mountain was excavated, the building was placed on the spot and the stones from the rock, after processing, were used as a main material. The landscape is formed by a variety of gardens, courtyards in different levels, retaining walls, an outdoor pool and sunken lounges. The four houses of the complex are placed on two levels. The main typology for the interior spaces is open-space. Free standing walls in it, create circular moves and hide particular spaces. The materials used in the construction of the building are white plaster on the walls, grey soft local cement on the floors and light blue colored wood for the windows.

Photographer: Julia Klimi