Palimpsest designed the Vacation House Villa Fabrica in Santorini using the structure and spatial qualities of a complex operated in the past for the production and storage of wine and tsipouro. The original layout consists of spaces used for grape stomping attached to large double height spaces where the wine is stored, a pattern repeated with variations throughout the complex. Vaulted spaces of various sizes and uses are organized into two basic building volumes: some spaces are of cave-like, hidden form (yposkafoi) and others are cubic volumes. The masonry construction determines the form and size of the spaces as well as the way they relate spatially. Domes, arches, thick walls and small windows compose the distinguished vernacular geometry and form of the buildings.

The protected courtyard of the complex and the various spaces built around it, allow an almost ‘theatrical’ reading of the space while creating a sense of increased privacy and introversion. The morphology, the overall vernacular architecture and the almost unobstructed views of the site create an overall spatial experience for vacation living with a unique combination of traditional yet contemporary characteristics. Emphasis was given in the use of local material and techniques in most of the finishes, and the design of furniture and architectural details inspired by the simple and clear forms of the vernacular building methods.

Images © Mark Scott