Sabrina Binda is a French ceramist living and working on the Cycladic island of Tinos, Greece, since 2011.

Born in 1972, she was first a stylist working in the media industry in France. A trip to Japan and the discovery of ceramics there was decisive in her choice to choose this new path upon her return to France. After graduating from a private school in Paris she first ran, together with starting her own researches, a clay workshop for children, and then moved to Tinos with her family.

Her work developed mostly around stoneware utility pieces, especially emphasizing the thinness of the material, researching the balance between aesthetics and the solidity required by an everyday usage, also elaborating her own series of enamels. In the meantime, Sabrina is developing larger decorative pieces and runs regular week-long workshops for adults and children.

Her work is mostly present in private collections and restaurants in Greece, France, Italy and the Netherlands.