“I am Kika Hinari. I live and work in Athens. My involvement in ceramics started in 2013.

Through my work I like to explore the influence of form on everyday human life, the way the objects interact with the environment, the relationship between each object and its use. Each of my pieces is unique and I’m intrigued in stretching materials to their limits, creating almost weightless and translucent forms, with the intention that these will create a sense of calm.

Due to my previous studies in Geology-Palaeontology, I often draw inspiration from the observation of the Earth in relation to time, an element that is evident mostly in the “I am a pot” series, the artefacts of which are beings that self-identify as vessels. The sculpture is not a hull, rather an organism by its own right, whose growth in time becomes evident in the final result. The apparent traces of hand movement mark the aspiration of a non-being to be, as a continuance or evolution of life. I’d like my vessels to be handled and used in daily life whilst also being enjoyed as sculptural objects.”