Klotho is a sustainable fashion brand founded in Crete in 2016 that brings together the Art of Weaving with contemporary design and global trends to create items of timeless aesthetics.

Artisanal garments of relaxed chic elegance made of lasting quality materials and handloom embroidered patterns. Each piece is designed and hand woven by experienced, local weavers from initial sketches through to hand finished and embroidered fabric in our loom studio, in Rethymno, Crete. The brand’s lifestyle collections are influenced by clear-cut geometric lines and minimal structures deeply rooted in the simplicity of classical Greece. Klotho revives and re-invents the rich weaving tradition of Crete by breathing new life into old traditional patterns and techniques. It takes pride in being a sustainable, zero waste brand. Even small scraps of fabric are reused for lining bags and clutches. The brand produces its woven fabrics in Crete, which means that proudly supports local economy and promotes traditional craftsmanship.

“In Klotho we have taken up the mission to support weaving, a declining technique to survive and develop.”