The “Playful Sculptures”, created by Kostas Neofitidis is comprised by four different, colourful and vibrant sculptures.

The sculptures are expressing the philosophy that a piece of art is always changing and the relationship between the artist and his creation is a never ending game. Art and thus a piece of art is not static. And so, these unique creations were designed intentionally as an assemblage of colourful pieces, as fragments, to project an adaptive atmosphere to the person experiencing them. Throughout history, the traditional ways of constructing a sculpture had mostly to do with capturing a one dimensional image and one specific moment of time. Kostas Neofitidis, through this new series, creates a new platform for contemplation.

The “Playful Sculptures”, handcrafted and presented as an archipelago of four pieces, could be separated and stand autonomously whereas each one can adapt and become functional or not to one’s space. And just like many other art pieces created by the artist, the use of primary colours is a protagonist giving a unique form, character and emotion to each sculpture.

Kota Art Gallery, established in 2015 and located in Nicosia, Cyprus, has set a path to promote ideals such as connection, love, hope and peace, through the work of renowned artists such as the contemporary Cypriot artist’s Kostas Neofitidis.