Kommigraphics is an independent innovation agency, specialising in web design, branding and strategic communication, based in Athens. They  create customized solutions that combine design, technology and strategic marketing, helping businesses grow efficiently over time. Their immersive print & digital projects, effectively work for brands across different markets and around the globe.

The following conversation was held with Kosmas Apatangelos, Co-founder and Head of Design of Kommigraphics.


“The diversity of the projects we implement and the basis of our philosophy for a perfect balance between creativity and results, have prompted us to choose from a variety of colours and printing technologies, elements that blend harmoniously together and reinforce the original idea of differentiation and experimentation. […]

Kommigraphics designed the packaging for Chimera sparkling wine – named after a monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature of Greek mythology – creating a pure white container that stacks up against a distinctive black logo. […]

In this project, Kommigraphics studio re-designed all seven labels for the premium wines range of Glinavos Domaine; namely ‘Aspra Chomata’, ‘Vlachiko’, ‘Traminer’, ‘Primus Zitsa’, ‘Red Velvet’ and ‘Dryades’. The result is great design, premium wines and an EVGE award plus a distinction. […]