Alexandros Tsiotinis

Born in 1986 in Athens, Greece, Chef Alexandros Tsiotinis developed a deep passion for gastronomy from a young age, setting him on a culinary journey that spanned France and the globe. He honed his skills at the renowned Ferrandi Paris culinary academy in 2007, learning from culinary greats like Alain Passard and Helene Darroze. Chef Tsiotinis worked at esteemed restaurants, including Spondi in Athens and Le Bristol in Paris, where he delved into both French and Greek cuisine. At just 25, he became the Executive Chef at Elounda Peninsula Hotel in Crete, earning the “Golden Chef’s Toque” and retaining it year after year. In 2015, he launched CTC, a groundbreaking concept blending Greek gastronomy with French techniques, earning its first Michelin Star in 2021. Beyond the kitchen, Chef Tsiotinis actively engages in culinary events, collaborations, and charitable initiatives, leaving a lasting impression on the culinary community while promoting sustainable dining practices. Today, he continues to enchant palates and elevate CTC as a bastion of culinary innovation and delight in Athens.

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