Candybag was created in 2012 by Georgia Kavga in Athens, Greece. Georgia studied fashion design and for over 10 years did the styling in magazine photo shoots and TV commercials. In 2011 she opened her first fashion store called Candy Pop-up store in the center of Athens, establishing the Candy brand and has since been designing handbags for wholesale purposes in Greece, USA, France and other countries. In 2014 Eleana Linoxylaki joined the team as a community manager, acting as a bridge between the brand and the community it was aiming to create. She became the brand’s ambassador, engaging with potential customers and building relationships with existing ones. Nowadays she has a new role as being Georgia’s partner, along with, being a mum of a toddler. 

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Candybag classic handbags

Candybag is a brand that designs classic handbags of suburb craftsmanship and materials, made using Greek leather and canvas and handcrafted by local artisans.