Eileen Pappas

Founder and designer Eileen Pappas is an artist and design educator from Athens, Greece who honed her craft for over 15 years from Parsons School for Design in New York City (2013) to Rhode Island School of Design (2021) and the Anamma Contemporary Jewelry School in Athens, Greece (2023). Pappas has always been fascinated by the relationship between objects, human bodies, and the environment. She discovered her jewelry practice later in life after completing her first degree in Architectural Studies from Brown University (2005) and two years of medical school in Budapest, Hungary.

Pappas switched her focus to creative design education following seven years developing knitwear for commercial companies in the New York City Garment District and becoming increasingly uncomfortable contributing to global pollution. At her alma mater Parsons School for Design, she has taught five courses ranging from textiles to concept development, and it was there, having time to thoughtfully explore her own interests without the constraints of a corporate brand, that Pappas sat at her first workbench and began the story of Eileen Pappas Jewelry.

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