Deriving from the ancient Greek word poterion, πotéry means cup, the vessel that fits in the palm of your hand and serves as the receptacle for any kind of liquid you are thirsty for.

The physical use of a cup is based on a special “dialogue” between the fingers and the material the cup is made of. Inspired by this tactile union, Saint of Athens designed a minimalist ceramic object gracefully balancing between the worlds of practical kitchenware and decorative ornaments. The fingerprint on the side of πotéry constitutes both a literal mark of someone’s touch and a metaphor for people’s timeless association with the material world that surrounds them. People’s relationship with objects is a funny one since no one can really tell if it is grounded in their love for the object itself or whatever the object represents.  Contemplating the meaning of tangible things is a tricky business but that is what is fun about it too.