Maria Alexiou is of an architectural background and always felt an appeal to organic, curvy shapes and earthy tones. In 2019 her aesthetic started translating also in Calma ceramics, her ceramic project.

“Everything about clay immediately drew me in. The tactile nature of the material, the working process, the concept and the making. Especially the endless possibilities of what could be created from a ball of clay, and how a piece can evolve in front of my eyes.

At first, I mainly focused on creating everyday objects such as cups and bowls, but soon enough a more artistic aspect of ceramics caught my attention, the handmade vase.

This lead to my first collection that was inspired by the calmness of the Greek islands, the shapes and tones of the sea. From this collection emerged “Keros”, a vase that was featured in the “1000 Vases” exhibition, in Paris.

The creative process begins with the design of an abstract shape and starts coming into life through the pinching technique. Then, slowly, coil by coil transforming in its final form.

I like “listening” to the material and its potential, leading it into shape, but most importantly letting it lead me.

As it is a  time consuming process, a process that could last from hours to weeks, the formation of an emotional bond with each one of my pieces is inevitable. Even if a design is to be made repeatedly, there are subtle differences between each piece. Every piece of handmade pottery is truly unique.”

Images © shotbyvit